The Nihang Singhs of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

The Khalsa is my very form. I reside within the Khalsa.
The Khalsa is my primal limb. I am always with the Khalsa.
(Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji - Sri Sarbloh Parkash Granth, Chapter 5 verse 458.)

In Northern India one may be fortunate to witness bands of nomadic warriors dressed in royal blue from head to toe and weighed down with the metal weaponry they carry. Eloquently perched on horseback the Akali or Nihang Singhs have for centuries been elite warriors of the Sikh Tradition. This warrior order rich in both culture and tradition has produced many brave warriors through its existence and are referred to as the ladlee fauj, or beloved army, of Sri Guru Gobind Singh and were always loyal companions of the Guru. Through time they have fought persecution from the Mughals, various Hill Chiefs, the Afghans, the British and many others who have tried to destroy them and their Guru-ordained traditions. These traditions, they believe, go back not just centuries, but millennia.

Nihang Singhs are the very kin of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and represent a message of eternal royal truth. The Nihang Singh Dals (battalions) today are direct descendants of great warriors and martyrs such as Baba Deep Singh and Akali Phoola Singh. Nihang Singhs today bear the same battle standards, beat the same battle drums and carry on the same traditions that their predecessors of previous centuries defended and died for. It is for keeping alive the memory of the martyrs and honouring their ways that Nihang Singhs keep their battalions active.

Sri Maan Brahmgiani Baba Mit Singh Ji Nihang

This website provides information on the philosophy, history and rich traditions of the Khalsa as well narrating information on prominent Nihang Singhs of the past century.  This venture is dedicated to the sweet memory of Sri Maan Brahmgiani Baba Mit Singh Ji Nihang (Above) whose loving devotion continues to inspire generations of Nihang Singhs many decades after his physical departure from this world. All research presented here has been carried out under the blessing and support of Singh Sahib Jathedar Nihang Baba Joginder Singh Akali, 96 Krori Budha Dal.

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This website was created by the 'Baba Fateh Singh, Jatha Nihang Singha' which is an international wing of the Shriromani Panth Akali Budha Dal. It was formed by Jathedar Baba Joginder Singh 96 Krori for the purposes of preserving and promoting the history and traditions of the Khalsa. Our headquarters are at Gurdwara Damdama  Sahib, Patshahi 6, Raqba, Ludhiana, Punjab.